Cambridge, UK
Jez’s World
Jez’s World was built originally as an experiment for my Wife (Jez Mertel). It started life as a standalone installation running on a SQLite database and within a few days had developed into a grid running on a Mysql Database. Within weeks, the home computer was pushed to its limits with a grid of 4 regions and a self-contained ROBUST server.
Soon other people started to show interest in what I had achieved.
Other people connected to my grid; the grid grew. More people connected; the family grew.
We didn’t have a name, soon one popped out and Grid Nirvana was born.
Jez’s World now exists as an Estate on Grid Nirvana and consists of Eight regions.
The desire for these regions came from the rage we felt when we were let down by Linden Labs in 2008. Linden Labs lured people to buy land on Secondlife with an attractive offer of an OpenSpace sim for only $75. Once sufficient  people had signed up to their “affordable” regions, the cost of running an ‘OpenSpace’ sim was hiked from $75 up to $95. With a target of increasing to $125 in the near future. Whilst already struggling to pay the base fee, we were not about to be ripped off and pay the higher prices Linden wanted and thus, sadly, gave up our land.
For the OpenSimulator movement this had a huge migratory effect, you can see the massive jump in User registrations on OSGrid when LL announced their price hike in late 2008 (OSGrid is an alternative to Grid Nirvana and SecondLife)
Now Rhiga and Rivendel live on in Grid Nirvana as OpenSims, free from the baggage that is Linden Labs and at no cost to my pocket. Rhiga and Rivendel have been joined by Mokotow and Gdansk as beautifully sculpted regions.
Additionally there are now some experimental lands in the form of OpenSpace 1 and OpenSpace 2, and hosted land, LaneyLand and Liverpool Gardens.
Enjoy your visit to Grid Nirvana and Jez’s World.

Antwerpen, Flanders
Greywolf Lost Mystic Estate
The 9 Regions at Myst are Sims dedicated at the remembrance of my very dear friiend Greywolf Freye, who passed on 23.05.2009.
We had 2 fine, terrific, and wonderful years together, I know it was borrowed time for us, but they were the best of my whole life.
Wolfie waits for me at that other Side, I can't follow you right now, but before you realises, we are together once again, then I never let you go again.
Dolfke Barbosa
Estate CANADA 'True North Strong and Free' is a project to serve worldwide a flavour of Canada to those who wish to experience her majestic expanse and some of her beauty and glory. Canada has always been a communal space of highest ideals, where people come from all over our world to make their home...their highest endeavour on our beloved Planet Earth.
CANADA is that place of peace, harmony and love for all. It resonates with healing and hope where all is possible and encouraged. Its natural beauty calls to travellers from every land to bathe in her aura and feel they are 'home' and at peace with the universe right here on Earth.
A large calling? Yes, this is CANADA
Gifted from its native people in whom we trust and turn for direction still today, we have been entrusted with Canada's health and growth - a place of nourishment and renewal in a world besieged.  
Canadian history charts its current course just over 1000 years ago when Norse Settlers arrived on our shores...and more recently just over 400 years ago from European migration to the land of milk and honey... from the founding ACADIANS from France and then England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland...Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Norway...Russia, the Ukraine and surrounding East European homelands...Japan, India, China, Africa and more -  Canada is for every heart and every soul...none with a sincere heart are turned away. Canada is the Soul of the Earth.
Welcome home again to CANADA

Ontario, Canada
Blues World
BluesWorld Estates are a continuing experiment in music, light and sound - sensory immersions of design, movement and just plain good old-fashioned fun.
BluesWorld is the playground of Blues Spiritor and Cyn Canada - Rob and Cynthia Collett / Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.
BluesWorld Estates exist to share and support the worldwide efforts of our extended but close-knit Family - Grid Nirvana.
It is our hope and belief - and what we work toward - that Grid Nirvana will be and IS now,  a worldwide network of good people expanding their horizons - while at the same time becoming ever closer to One. It is a 3D birth of the Next World Internet. That place is here and now.

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