It's been a long time coming.

Discussions within Grid Nirvana lead us to the conclusion that something needed to change.

The servers were beginning to get slow.
Textures were being lost.
Lots of us were getting upset.

The migration has begun!
Finally, after a long time debating, we have started to migrate the entire grid to the new OpenSim platform 0.8.1
This time, rather than, as we have previously done, simply updating the server software, an entire new grid has been created. This means a mammoth task for the admin guy (Yours truly) and involves exporting each and every region to an OAR file then importing it to a new grid. At the same time, each and every avatar needed to be exported and re-imported to the new grid. During the cross over, users would loose any changes made in the 'old' grid beyond the point of exportation. Fortunately, being a close nit family group, we could discuss this in the chat forum on Skype.

The whole process is nearing completion now and only slow responding avatars have still to be migrated to the new grid.

If you have not received a mail from:


First off, check your junk mail, and respond directly. If you still don't find the mail, you may be one of the few without a registered email address and thus no way to contact you.
Please send a mail to:


and I'll respond directly advising you how to get your avatar migrated to the new grid.

Titanium Jones
Grid Admin