...a dream come true for people seeking a quality virtual world.

Our Vision
In Nirvana there is no anonymity and will not allow such between us. Nirvanians talk to each other on a daily basis on Skype and in world using both text and voice.  We consider ourselves to be family and have erased the line between virtual and real world. We are not anonymous entities hiding behind virtual avatars... we are real people sharing real lives while creating a unique virtual experience, as a tight-knit team; we are a family. We put real life first and virtual where it belongs - as a tool to enhance and make real life better. It is important to understand that those wishing to remain anonymous have many other grids within which to ‘play’ and Grid Nirvana is not that place. 
This is not optional - if you do not have a Skype account, it is free and easy to set up.
Our Mission
We all agree that creative, artistic expression leads exciting and interesting ‘role-play’ and there always a place for ‘eye-candy‘ giving us the many reasons we all enjoy virtual worlds. Grid Nirvana has a mission; to create a world where people of like-minds from around the globe can cultivate true friendships while building a virtual world of the highest quality. 

Our Direction
Grid Nirvana is a serious network to us all and we will endeavour to keep it growing in the direction in which we have created it. Grid Nirvana will not be subverted or diverted from its path by any one member and all decisions are taken as a  group. If you have another concept or a different direction you would like to follow, you are encouraged and welcomed to create your own direction another grid or even set up your own grid. 
We already have our agreed direction and will staunchly defend it
Our Funding
Grid Nirvana is a not-for-profit entity which was created out of a love for virtual worlds rather than a lust for profit. We exist on donations from those who can afford it and undertake many charitable activities. Grid Nirvana may introduce currency in due course.

About Us
This virtual world stretches across the entire globe, bringing talent from Europe, Australia, Asia, United States and Canada. Nirvana is able to bring you the best of the best because we are managed by a small group of ‘Originators’ these are the Grid Managers, people hosting the regions are Region Managers and we are all Nirvanians. We work tirelessly to provide a high quality virtual experience. Real people are always welcome to join our teams and our family.
Enjoy your tour of Nirvana, on the HyperGrid and if you decide you would be comfortable here be welcomed and join us through our referral scheme.

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